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Income Property Loans are available in many shapes and forms, consequently, there are a lot of choices. Narrowing down these choices to a loan program that best suits your financing requirements takes careful consideration, and therefore we highly recommend talking to one of our financing executives to determine what programs fit your investment criteria.


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Loan sizes range from $1,000,000 to $100 million and higher on properties nationwide and Canada. Terms can be as short as 3 years to as long as 40 years depending on the type of real estate and available programs.


Below are choices to help you make a well-educated decision in choosing a loan program


Permanent Loans


  • Fixed Rate: Lowest Rate Multi-Family & MHP

  • Fixed Rate: Lowest Rate Commercial Properties

  • Fixed Rate with Low or No Prepayment Fees

  • Fixed Rate Rolling Into Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  • Fixed Rate with Future Option to Increase Loan

  • CMBS

  • B & C Property Loans

  • Single Tenant Properties

  • 85% LTV Single Tenant

  • 100% Credit Tenant Financing

  • Lowest rate Credit Tenant Financing

  • Owner User Properties

  • Bridge Loan

  • Hard Money Loans; quick close

  • Interim Financing

  • Value Added Opportunity Financing

  • Construction Financing

  • FHA Construction & Permanent Financing; Apartments, Student Housing & Seniors

  • FHA Healthcare Construction & Permanent

  • Participating Loan












































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Grace Capital Places Loans Nationwide

Our loan products offer flexibility on structure including hold-backs, earn-outs, fees, interest only and prepay options






*Rate dependent upon term, leverage, amortization, and prepayment penalty.
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